I had originally intended this blog to contain the webfiction itself but found that I do not have the time to maintain it properly and I believe the story of Cyborg Ivy would be better told in the traditional novel form.  As such, I’ve taken to writing it in the traditional sense and will use this blog to track its progress and use it as an encyclopedic reference to the world.

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Cyborg Ivy

Cyborg Ivy – Alternate Historical Novel

Cyborg Ivy is a science fiction novel under development centered on the adventures of three friends. The narrative begins in 1899…an alternate 1899…wherein mankind has discovered certain technologies that allow them to travel from planet to planet without having to brave the perils of outer space. Their space folding cuts an opening in between two worlds, and because this opening must invariably occur above the ground due to great destruction it causes to land and buildings, airship development has emerged as the primary inter-world method of transportation. It is a world where mankind has expanded their influence across hundreds of habitable worlds and their population, and dominion over the human aboriginal races of those worlds, has increased exponentially.

This blog is intended to track the progress of that novel and as an encyclopedic resource to the alternative work.

This narrative references many individuals from history with the intention of creating a realistic feeling divergent alternity with personalities that have acted and responded to a different historical continuum. The intention is not to slander or insult any of these figures, but to manufacture and interesting and engaging fiction. Any similarity between the characters in this web fiction and real people, living or dead, is purely coincidental.